need equvalent of all.html for mobile and links from andriod store for users that want locales not supported on device



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We don't have a separate build for each locale on Android, as we do on other platforms.

Our Android builds have multiple locales in a single package; users can use the Firefox preferences to switch to a locale other than the device locale.  They can also download language pack extensions to add additional locales.  (Bug 689706 is tracking the in-app UI for installing additional language packs, but that work is currently on hold while we rewrite the entire Android front-end.)
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6 years ago
> We don't have a separate build for each locale on Android, as we do on other platforms.

We do now.  We have both.  13 locales in the multi-locale pack and 13 more that didn't make the cut due to install size and start up performance issues.  The list of locales available will probably be close to 40 around the time native fennec ships and continue to grow beyond that.

  The problem with the multi-locale package is that we will always be limited by the number of locales that we will be able to ship, and that number will be less that the number of locales that we can actually produce.

We need find a way to get these other locales that we have,  available to users and provide good navigation to these builds as reasonable an install process as possible with good instruction for installing stuff outside google play if that's the path we take.
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6 years ago
here are the list of locales that are ready to go that we really should find a better way to promote on a page that we host, and include information about how users can set "Applications | Unknown Sources" check box on Android settings to allow the installation to happen.
For Firefox desktop, we maintain a class that stores the locales we support per channel (, we have code on thephp part of that use that data to generate all.html and its variants. We could do the same for android single-locale builds, store this information in the same file and reuse some of the existing code to generate an all-anfroid.html page but most of the work on is using now the python-based framework (bedrock), so maybe that should be a webdev bug if we want it in python (I can help build that for php, I can't for python)
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