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Tracking bug for build and release of Firefox 8.0.1


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Waiting for "go to build".
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To be clear, bug 689666's mozconfig change has landed in buildbot-configs and merged to the production branch.  Nothing further needs to be done there for 8.0.x; it's marked as a blocker for tracking purposes and still open since it requires work for Firefox/Fennec 9.0.

If it's confusing, we can remove it from the blocking bug list.
per 8.0.1 meeting just now:

* we're only taking bug#699134 and bug#700835 for the 8.0.1 release. No ridealongs. I've updated the depbug list to match this reality. Revised ETA for "go to build" is approx 5-6pm PDT today.

* we will *not* be shipping a Fennec8.0.1 on android. Tweaking summary to match.

* For updates, like we did in 5.0.1, we want to limit who can update to where. Part of the problem is the not-yet-confirmed cause of the crash, and concern that exposing non-crashing 8.0 users to an 8.0.1 update might cause them to start crashing?!!

Therefore, when we ship 8.0.1,  the proposal is that users see the
1a) users on 4.0 - 7.0.1 should get updates to 8.0.1
1b) users who want to download Firefox should find 8.0.1 on

2a) users on 8.0 mac should get idletime/manual check-for-updates to 8.0.1
2b) users on 8.0 win32/linux should not get idle-time updates to 8.0.1.
For mechanical reasons, this also means that users on 8.0 win32/linux
cannot do manual check-for-updates to 8.0.1

Later, when we ship FF9.0:
3a) users on 8.0.1 would get partial updates from 8.0.1 -> 9.0
3b) users on 8.0 would get complete updates from 8.0 -> 9.0
Depends on: 699134
No longer depends on: 689666, 699776, 687220, 691847, 699633, 701262
Summary: Tracking bug for build and release of Firefox/Fennec 8.0.1 → Tracking bug for build and release of Firefox 8.0.1
Final config, desktop only
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Assignee: nobody → nrthomas
Priority: -- → P2
This mostly backs out the changes the automation made, since we have partial updates from 7.0.1 (all), and makes sure we test partials from 7.0.1 and 8.0 on mac.
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Comment on attachment 574719 [details] [diff] [review]
[tools] Do partial+complete check for 7.0.1 -> 8.0.1
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probably the wrong place to be asking this but is firefox 8.0.1 going to be for windows too? or is this a mac only release?
Please see comment #3.
(In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #9)
> Please see comment #3.

I did read comment #3. I am slightly confused though. So there are no bug fixes or benefits in upgrading if your on windows?
The logic is
* if you're on mac you need the java fix, so updates to 8.0.1 will be offered
* if you're Windows with 8.0 and
 * you don't have old Roboform then 8.0 works, and updating to 8.0.1 has no benefit to you. Of course the next release will be offered
 * you have old Roboform then your Firefox is broken, and you'll need to go get 8.0.1 from and/or update Roboform
* if you're Linux then there is no benefit in 8.0 -> 8.0.1, you'll just get the next release when it comes along
Depends on: 703729
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This is essentially the same patch as attachment 574719 [details] [diff] [review], only with some s/build1/build2/ and leaving in '7.0 macosx64 - full check' which was removed by mistake.
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Unthrottled updates for all releases after 8.0.1 is published.
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[cvs] Remove update throttling

Looks good.
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Depends on: 704359
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[cvs] Remove update throttling

new revision: 1.173; previous revision: 1.172

$ cvs tag AUS2_PRODUCTION config-dist.php 
W config-dist.php : AUS2_PRODUCTION already exists on version 1.172 : NOT MOVING tag to version 1.173
$ cvs tag -F AUS2_PRODUCTION config-dist.php 
T config-dist.php
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Depends on: 704424
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[tools] Do partial+complete check for 7.0.1 -> 8.0.1

This got backed out prior to build2.
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[tools] build2 - do partial+complete check for 7.0.1 -> 8.0.1
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A (slow moving) fork was stuck in it.
Closed: 11 years ago
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Depends on: 705931
No longer depends on: 705931
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