provide UI in TBPL to increase (and decrease) the priority of pending jobs



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(sorry if this is in the wrong product/component)

The self serve page lets you twiddle the priorities of pending builds, but its a little slow and broken. It would be great if this was part of the TBPL UI.
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I think this has the potential to be abused (I already see people cheekily bumping their try runs in the self-server api logs). If we restricted priority-changing functionality to a subset of users (in self-serve), then yeah it would be good to have.
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Pasting this from IRC to give others in the future looking at this bug some context:

ewong: edmorley: ... I'm looking at bug #701548, but dunno if I"m able to do it
edmorley: I just commented on bug 701548, I think we might need to hold off until self-serve changes are made
ewong: ah.. yeah.. was thinking of how I can have something like that without being abused... 
ewong: well was thinking rather how to get the user to log on first.. since it requires a LDAP pass in order to do that kinda prioritizing..
edmorley: ewong: using self-serve already requires people to have an LDAP (you'll get the prompt once per session), so self-serve just needs to check the list of users against those allowed
edmorley: ewong: but it would require discussions with catlee / #build / ?, as to whether it was (a) acceptable to restrict access [I think it is], (b) who to have on the list, (c) should the list be hardcoded [like for bits of the clobberer] or do we need to make a 'manage users' UI as well
ewong: edmorley: right.. but afaik, loading tbpl, and then clicking on a pending test, should display the priority buttons + / -.. but that needs access..
edmorley: ewong: oh ok, I was thinking we display them all the time (but then thinking about it, that may just annoy people, especially when they aren't allowed permissions)
ewong: edmorley: exactly..
ewong: so with that bug.. I"m at a dead end until something comes up.. ;)
edmorley: ewong: tbh, we don't use the priority UI much (and the plus/minus is annoying too *), so this bug is something that can quite happily sit for another year really (imo) :-)
ewong: edmorley: heh.. ok. I'll have a look at the other bugs that you listed.

* since you have to wait until the first request is processed, before the next '+' works (or else manually edit the form and submit).
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