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Audit existing GetDisplayDocument() calls to find ones that should be changed to IsResourceDoc()


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Bug 700895 reminded me that I (or someone) should audit all existing calls to GetDisplayDocument() -- for any of these calls that appear to be as safety-checks for external-resources-documents, we should call IsResourceDoc() instead of GetDisplayDoc(), so that we cover SVG-as-an-image, too.
Taking, so that this doesn't fall off the radar.  (If someone else wants to do this and gets to it before I do, though, feel free to steal it.)
Assignee: nobody → dholbert

Just a question to see if i got it:
we should call IsResourceDoc() when GetDisplayDoc() is called in a conditionnal statement without return assignation?
just like here:

If i'm right a can take it otherwise correct me :)
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Apparently Comment 1 wasn't enough to let me keep this from falling off the radar. :) Thanks for finding & resurrecting it, Arnaud!

To answer your question: it's not as straightforward as that. Some of the GetDisplayDocument() calls are for code that's about to use the display-document (if it exists), and it's just doing a null-check before proceeding. That's the case in the code that you linked to.

It's kind of a case-by-case thing. The cases we're interested in are when GetDisplayDocument() is really a check for things that we don't want to allow helper-documents to do (or things that they don't need to do).  *Those* are the checks where IsResourceDoc() would be appropriate.

From doing a quick scan of an MXR search, the candidate GetDisplayDocument() calls that I think probably want to be converted to IsResourceDoc() are:
and I think that's it.

Want to try converting those ones, give it a try run, and see how it goes?

(bz would know more surely than I whether those ^ cases are appropriate for switching to IsResourceDoc(); he should probably review this.)
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Assigning to Arnaud, since it looks like he's interested in taking a crack at a patch for this. (but Arnaud, feel free to punt it back to me.)
Assignee: dholbert → six.dsn
The frameloaders ones, I think yes.  The nsFrame one, yes if we don't rely on painting inside the resource doc directly for SVG images..
Ok thanks for the details, i will patch it during the week end
should i add reftests to the try run (or any other)?
Probably best to just run all the tests for this, to be on the safe side.  You can keep it to 1 or 2 platforms, though (both debug + opt on each platform) -- if anything's going to break, that'd be likely to flush it out.

(Unlike the MOZ_OVERRIDE bug, this definitely can & should impact behavior, albeit in edge-case ways.)
I changed the lines Daniel has indicate.
Build on Linux64

Tbpl is here:
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replace GetDisplayDocument with IsResourceDoc when needed

This seems fine, though some of the "are we chrome" bits that check GetDisplayDocument might really want to do something magical for svg images....
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Ok so are we good for checkin-needed?
Not quite checkin-needed yet -- this hasn't gotten any unit tests.  The Try build in comment 8 just shows builds -- no tests.

(Arnaud: You were unlucky enough to pick two of the platforms where we don't do unit tests, because they're not supported, I think. :)  Or something like that. So "-u all" for those platforms did nothing.)

Could you do one more Try build with, say, linux and macosx64 as the platforms, and all unit tests?
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OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Ok i'm really unlucky... :)
i will send another Try tomorrow morning
Daniel it seems to be ok, can you confirm and if it's ok set checkin-needed ;)
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Looks good to me!
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This patch landed alongside three other patches <> and caused a b2g mochitest-3 test failure <>, so I backed it out, since it's the only patch that touches something b2g related:

Please watch <> to see if it makes the b2g mochitest-3 suite green again, which would prove that this patch has indeed been at fault.
I'm betting the b2g mochitest-3 failure wasn't from this bug, but was rather from bug 879228 (which landed in the same push).  That bug's patch tweaked Console.jsm, and the M-3 test has this right before it in the mochitest log:
> JavaScript Error: "console is undefined" {file: "resource://gre/modules/ContactDB.jsm" line: 894}]
(and Console.jsm is responsible for exporting the "console" symbol)

I'll watch the tree for a bit, and if this theory pans out and M-3 is still orange, I'll re-land this bug and back out the other one.
Yup, this backout didn't fix it, so this was innocent. I backed out the other bug, and rather than re-landing this on a closed tree (and complicating the already-confusing bustage-upon-bustage state of the tree), I'm going to just mark it as checkin-needed so it can re-land tomorrowish.
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Daniel is right.  I relanded the patch:

Sorry for my mistake.
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