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[ach] [Fx] New localization: Acholi


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We have been translating Firefox into Acholi (North and North Eastern Uganda) and my team and I have completed the work. We have been working with using Pootle and also Virtaal to complete the localization of Firefox and are eagre to enter the next Official  build of Firefox (Aurora 10)

Attached: Aurora 9 translation extracted from Pootle.

Language: Acholi (ach)
My name: OLWENY San James
Localization team: Acholi (Acholi Localization)
Assignee: nobody → registration
Component: General → Registration & Management
Product: Firefox → Mozilla Localizations
QA Contact: general → registration
Target Milestone: Firefox 10 → ---
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Aurora 9 translations in Acholi

San James, this is an export of the po files in the directory structure on pootle. We'll need the transformed one into the mozilla source files and structure, Dwayne should hopefully be able to help with that.
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Hi Axel,

Hope you are well,

Dwayne has added the attachment for the translated files, is there any thing else you need to continue with the review process?

We are really eager to see some this pull through.
Summary: Add New Localization - [ach] [FF] Acholi → [ach] [Fx] New localization: Acholi
The IANA Language Subtag Registry lists the name as 'Acoli'. Wikipedia lists it as it is here, with a huge list of variant spellings. Is 'Acholi' the preferred spelling?
'Acholi' is the prefered name, and a lot more people will identify with it compared to 'Acoli'.
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Aurora 9 translations for Acholi (.dtd and .properties)

Sorry for the lag, we had a ton of bad things happening right around when I wanted to get to this.

Anyway, here it goes:

r=me with nits:

CSS specs are translated. The new version of compare-locales shows that now.

The language name in toolkit/ is translated as "Leb munu", going boldy beyond my Acholi skills here, but review that again? This is what'd show up as name in the language pack, and thus on lists of langpacks.

Please don't land the en-US search plugins. They'll be picked up from en-US as part of the build process anyway. More on dwayne to fix the export here?

In toolkit/chrome/global/,
general.useragent.locale should be ach, not a translation of en-US (see above?) should be x-western, not a translation thereof
intl.accept_languages should be a proper list of language code that people in Uganda are likely to speak, with English at the end. Dwayne, can you assist here?
intl.menuitems.insertseparatorbeforeaccesskeys should be true, not a translation thereof.

The rest looks good, and like a proper starting point to put this language on the Aurora channel. I'll file bugs on that shortly.
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Congratulations. Bug 709107 is filed to get this landed and shipped, marking this bug FIXED.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
*Immediate Next Steps*

To get them to ship to users, we'll need to work on the bugs blocking your release tracker,

*Staying connected*

Essential messages will show up on the l10n announce newsgroup,, available as mailing list, newsgroup or google group. You really want to subscribe to that.
You should also follow the Mozilla l10n newsgroup, The traffic isn't too high frequency, and this covers topics of general interest to Mozilla localizers. There's a third group,, where we discuss web localization issues. That's a separate group as quite a few localization teams have dedicated volunteers for that.

*Acholi Builds of Firefox*

We refer to the pre-release versions of Firefox as "builds". These are where you will continue to work and test to perfect your localization. They're coming in two variants:

- Nightlies. You find those on Sometimes it starts with old versions, so you wanna look at the end what's the current version, and then search for the firefox-VERSION.ach.win32.installer.exe, firefox-VERSION.ach.linux-i686.tar.bz2, or firefox-VERSION.ach.mac.dmg files for win, linux, and mac, resp. These files are good to use for daily browsing, and they'll get a small incremental update every other night, bringing both the latest of the stability release as well as your landings to you and your fellow testers. Once the web pages are up, you'll also find those builds on

- Tinderbox builds. Those get built within a few minutes after you landed fixes in hg and pushed them to the upstream repo. Those are the right thing to quickly verify that the changes you made work in the build. These builds can be found on (note the different dir two levels up).

Both of these builds are coming from your new hg repository. Once that's up, you can clone it with anonymously, and with ssh:// instead of http:// once you got your hg account.

Please make sure that you're adressing the comments I made here as part of the review.

*Monitoring your localization now and in the future*

Now, as if that wasn't enough, there are a few places on the web that you should regularly check to see if there's stuff to do. One would be the web dashboard (you'll use that to hunt down the web pages for your Firefox release), The other one is called the dashboard, you can find it at And you and your peers should start watching the bugzilla alias for your locale, ach@localization.bugs, once it's created. You can do that at the bottom of

Enjoy and congratulations!
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