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ChatZilla should display tooltip explaining modes when mouse is over the mode list


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Steps to reproduce:

I see CZ listing a series of modes for a channel.  But most users have no clue what those represent.  I know a few thanks to more knowledgeable users and  But there are still others I don't know.

I think when the user mouses over the mode list, CZ should display a tooltip describing what each mode character means.  Ideally, it should also mention what modes are missing from the list.  Granted, it might be tough to tell what those modes are available on a given network.  There may also be some networks with non-standard modes that CZ won't know.

Listing modes that are off also gives us the ability to add buttons that turn on and off modes when the user has that right.

Actual results:

Users may be clueless about what the mode list ("Mode +ntrcCT") means.

Expected results:

CZ should be displaying a tooltip explaining the modes and, if the user is an op, giving them the ability to turn modes on and off if possible.
I'm not sure if (or how well) this could be implemented, since the meaning of some modes vary from server to server.

On the moznet network, "/helpop chmodes" or "/helpop umodes" gives the desired information for channel or user modes respectively, as defined on this network.

On freenode, the information is at

Similarly, each different network may or may not have a different way to communicate the meaning of its modes to users and/or ircops.

Finally, gives a list of the most common modes and their meanings, but as the two examples above show, it could never be both exhaustive and authoritative.
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