multipart/related text and html attachments corrupted, with quantum interference



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I am sending a message with Content-type: multipart/related using <a href='cid:...'> references in the (text/html) body. Those point to either text/plain or text/html attachments. When I click on those links, I see some binary data.

I have Content-disposition: attachment for all of these. (The main body is Content-disposition: inline.)

If I save the email to a .eml file and open that, it works. (Well, mostly. But more on that later.)

Bizarrely, when I return to the email that previously showed the binary data, it now works. I thought doing a "Save As" on the message fixed *the original* message, but I just tried it again and it didn't work. Ah! But when I went to the (corrupt) attachment by clicking on the link, doing a Save As on that, opening the saved image with File/Open, and then returning to the original message, it was fixed. I'm not sure if the exact series of steps matters, though; perhaps it's a cache expiration thing.

I am attaching a sample saved message, but it won't show the corruption when I open it from within Thunderbird.

Note that the behavior between the original email and a File/Open'ed email is also different -- the original email (after being "fixed") opens the links in the same tab, replacing the original message. (This is my desired behavior, though the lack of a 'back' button to return to the original message makes is unfortunate.) The File/Open'ed email uses a helper application to follow those links.

This mail is generated by an automated tool, so I can send these messages to anyone interested (since opening the email as a file doesn't show the problem.)

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7 years ago
Created attachment 574677 [details]
Corrupt email display, after clicking "details" after "Step 1"

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7 years ago
Created attachment 574678 [details]
originally mangled email

I modified this email only to remove the Return-Path and Received headers at the very beginning.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 574681 [details]
transcript of SMTP session sending mail

This is the transcript of an SMTP session where I sent one of these emails.

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7 years ago
I am running Thunderbird 8

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7 years ago
Oh, and ignore the "see details..." links further down in the email; they contain invalid cid: links. Also ignore the "Step N" links; they're intended to just be links to anchors in the same message (not that they work in Thunderbird, but I think they might in gmail.) The links of interest are the "(details)" links to the right of each step.
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