Cannot re-install an app natively unless you remove and re-install it from the Dashboard



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7 years ago
If the user installs an app, currently it automatically installs it natively as well. If the user removes the native app, it remains in their Dashboard. As a result, they are not able to re-install the same app natively unless they remove and re-install the app to the Dashboard.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Launch Firefox - Try with FF9 or above
2. Install the app extension -
3. Go to
4. Install an app - It will automatically install it natively as well
5. Uninstall the native app

Actual Result:
The user is not able to re-install the app natively because it's already installed in their Dashboard. They must remove and re-install the app in order to have it install natively.

Expected Result:
The user is able to somehow re-install the app natively without having to remove it and re-install it to their Dashboard. For example, this can be done through an 'Install Natively' button or setting of some sort in the Dashboard.
Blocks: 698879
Priority: -- → P2
Would this work if the native app sync'd with the dashboard state?  Then if you "reinstall" the application you'll have updated it in the sync server, and when you start up the native app it'll pull those updates.  (At least this would make sense to me if "reinstalling" essentially means "updating the receipts and manifest")
"Reinstalling" means creating the native app on the user's machine.

I think there should a UI for "install this app natively" on the dashboard, as the initial comment in this bug suggests.  Ideally we would go even further; the dashboard (or maybe the extension) would be aware of native installations and launch those (rather than launching apps in app tabs) if they are available.  On sync, apps would be installed natively (maybe based on user pref) and there would be a UI for optionally creating desktop/startmenu/taskbar shortcuts.
See Also: → bug 702773
Per Bill, Dan, Jen, this is not a Dev Preview release blocker.
No longer blocks: 698879
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