Remove NS_OVERRIDE and replace all uses of it with MOZ_OVERRIDE

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NS_OVERRIDE and MOZ_OVERRIDE both indicate the same thing: that the virtual function member being annotated must override a virtual function member on a base class.  MOZ_OVERRIDE abstracts away new C++11 goodness and actually has teeth in some recent compilers.  NS_OVERRIDE is a user attribute and has no teeth except in static analysis builds, and I don't even know what the status of those is any more.

Probably static analysis can look for MOZ_OVERRIDE in new enough gcc/clang compilers (4.7+ and 3.0+, respectively, but note gcc 4.7 isn't released yet), so NS_OVERRIDE and all uses of it should be removed and replaced with MOZ_OVERRIDE.
Some notes here:
1. NS_OVERRIDE is generally done before the method declaration, whereas the override keyword would have to be after the method declaration. So all uses of NS_OVERRIDE need to be moved around.

2. It should be possible to alias MOZ_OVERRIDE to the __attribute__((user("NS_override"))) version in sufficiently old (i.e., gcc 4.6-or-less) builds.
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This kills all uses of NS_OVERRIDE and deletes the macro to make sure no one else tries to use it again.
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Silly me, why did I assume it worked on all platforms just because it worked on my computer?
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Duplicate of this bug: 727279
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There's still xpcom/analysis/override.js that refers to NS_OVERRIDE.
(In reply to comment #7)
> There's still xpcom/analysis/override.js that refers to NS_OVERRIDE.

Good catch.  I think that entire script should be removed.  Can you please file a bug on that?  Thanks!
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