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Remove unused files from /mobile/android


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We're shipping a bunch of files in native Fennec that are not used.  This makes it harder to search through the source code, and it bloats our package size by close to a megabyte, and might also hurt our startup time a bit.

These patches begin the work of removing all the dead files.  (NOTE: These files are scheduled to move to /mobile/android tomorrow; I'll wait for that move and rebase these patches before landing them.)
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This isn't anywhere near complete, but it's a large start.  There's a lot more XBL and CSS that can be removed.  Removing config.xul (bug 699418) will help us remove some more files wholesale (it's the last place that browser.css is used).

We'll also need to get rid of most of the current files in chrome/tests at some point, and I'm sure there's other stuff I'm missing.
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part 1: JS and XUL

* CharsetMenu will need to be re-impled anyway
* ContextCommands will be trimmed down quite a bit too
* We have been pulling stuff out of Utils.js anyway
* I think Fabrice is re-working OpenWebApps too
* We might end up with some lazy loading again, like that found in browser-scripts
* You could probably remove more from chrome/content/browser.css
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part 2: XBL, CSS, and images

* themes/core/images/remotetabs-32.png  is used in aboutHome, which is on the chopping block anyway, I guess.
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mentioned this to matt on irc.  please do not land until after the hg move tomorrow.
(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #2)

> part 1: JS and XUL
> * I think Fabrice is re-working OpenWebApps too

That's correct. We can remove the ones from fennec/xul.
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We can file follow-up bugs for any additional cleanup.  Now that bug 699418 is fixed, we could get rid of platform.css and any files it references...
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