performance timing tests involving fail

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See W3C test in url field.

Igor, Olli, can one of you please look into this?

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6 years ago
I looked into this problem a bit, it's not easy to tell events caused by and subsequent calls from the normal load. To fix the issue we might let to register each event in the NavigationTiming only once, so that load process caused by does not affect collected data.
Duplicate of this bug: 712561


6 years ago
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Version: 9 Branch → Trunk
Duplicate of this bug: 754310

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5 years ago
Can we get an owner here? Is Igor planning to fix this?

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5 years ago
Sorry, I don't have capacity right now
I just read through the navigation timing processing model pretty carefully, and I think this test is wrong.  Or the spec is wrong.  One or the other.  Posted
The spec has been clarified to match the test.
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Don't update performance timing or navigation timing state during
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Oh, sicking and smaug, if you think you're a better reviewer for this, please feel free to steal!
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Don't update performance timing or navigation timing state during

Sorry for the delay, looks all good! r=jst
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Sorry, backed out in

for two consecutive new Linux64 Opt M2 failures

352 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/docshell/test/test_bug570341.html | Expected domContentLoadedEventStart to happen before domContentLoadedEventEnd, got domContentLoadedEventStart = 1344485549757, domContentLoadedEventEnd = 0
Er, yes.  That's because the constructor wasn't setting the booleans for those two.  Damn castability of boolean to int...

Relanded with that fixed as
If it makes you feel any better, I spent about an hour today chasing down a bug that ended up being passing (bool, int) when I meant (int, bool), with no warning :/.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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