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Ability to delink page titles for different purposes


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In an email thread about SEO changes to MDN, our SEO consultant Chris Bergstrom made this comment:

> One issue for the Kuma project is for the page title and this page heading to be 
> the same by default, but with the ability to break the linkage. 

I can think of at least four uses for the page "title", which we might conceivably want to set independently:

1. The <title> element, shown in the title bar and tab label (and search results)
2. The main heading within the page text
3. The last element of the breadcrumb trail
4. The last element of the URL

In MindTouch, #1, #2, and #3 are all the same value, which can be linked or unlinked from #4.

I think Chris is suggesting that we have the option to unlink #1 and #2. I've often wished that #3 could be independent, because the page heading/title often contains words that are redundant with info that is already in the breadcrumb trail.

By default, these should all be the same. Is it too much complexity to have the option to set them independently?
We can add these as meta fields on the document. But we'll probably prioritize it against other features. Our top priority for the foreseeable future is data migration and then script/template migration.
Blocks: 756266
Priority: -- → P3
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Component: Docs Platform → Editing
No longer blocks: 756266
I think the flexibility we added over the years is enough for our SEO purpose. I'll close this bug as WORKFORME.
Closed: 9 years ago
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