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devicemanagerSUT pushFile does not accept a directory as a destination


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devicemanagerADB allows both:

  dm.pushFile("myfile", "/mnt/sdcard/tests/myfile")


  dm.pushFile("myfile", "/mnt/sdcard/tests")

The calls have the same result: myfile is pushed to /mnt/sdcard/tests/myfile.

devicemanagerSUT only allows:

  dm.pushFile("myfile", "/mnt/sdcard/tests/myfile")

If a directory is specified as the destination, the SUT version of pushFile fails.
This difference between ADB and SUT is one of the reasons why "make xpcshell-tests-remote" fails with SUT (but not with ADB). I don't know of any other tests that use pushFile like this, so another approach to resolving this issue is to change the remote xpcshell tests.
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patch to allow pushFile(local-file, remote-directory)

># HG changeset patch
># Parent c2aefd373d84af026da44bdf19195fed6c33afae
># User Geoff Brown <>
>Bug 704618: allow directory as a destination argument to SUT pushFile(); r=jmaher
>diff --git a/build/mobile/ b/build/mobile/
>--- a/build/mobile/
>+++ b/build/mobile/
>@@ -261,16 +261,18 @@ class DeviceManagerSUT(DeviceManager):
>   # returns:
>   #  success: True
>   #  failure: False
>   def pushFile(self, localname, destname):
>     if ( == "nt"):
>       destname = destname.replace('\\', '/')
>     if (self.debug >= 3): print "in push file with: " + localname + ", and: " + destname
>+    if (self.isDir(destname)):
>+      destname = os.path.join(destname, os.path.basename(localname))
This will fail on windows, you need to force it to use '/' and create the path that way:
destname = destname + '/' + os.path.basename(localname)

Pretty cool if that's all we have to do.  Did you test this?

It's so simple, and for some reason I had this idea this would be hard.
Thanks, flag Joel for followup review, I'm going to be out tomorrow.
The patch appears to cause trouble for mochitest-remote -- I'll look into it.
I found I had to use dirExists instead of isDir (isDir throws an exception when the path does not exist).

I also corrected the issue identified by ctalbert -- thanks!

mochitest-remote passes now.

The change to pushDir is not strictly necessary for this bug, but corrects a problem I noted while debugging: Some paths passed to pushFile had double path-separators: /mnt/sdcard/tests/mochitest//some.file
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patch to allow pushFile(local-file, remote-directory)

Review of attachment 576775 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=me.  please run through try server for android-xul tests which use sut agent.
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Passes on try - all android-xul tests are green:
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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