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menubar item selected after POST-Request


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Steps to reproduce:

I am a webdeveloper. I have a <form> which is send via the post-method. To check my changes on the receiver page (the forms action) I hit cmd+r to refresh their. Thus firefox asks me if I will resend the POST data where I agree to see my page again.
That's fine. But my menubar got selected somehow.

Actual results:

I'm using the german firefox version. So my menubar (on OSX) contains the entries:
[Apple] - Firefox - Datei - Bearbeiten - Ansicht - Chronik - Delicious - Lesezeichen - Extras - Fenster - Hilfe

Under "Ansicht" (must be sth like "view" in english) there is reload with the cmd+r shortcut. So when I refresh the POST-page there is this dialog that asks me if I should resend the POST data. After I agree the "Ansicht" menuitem is selected (see attached screenshot). 
Because the colors are inverted that dark square draws my attention ;)

Expected results:

Nothing selected.
Severity: normal → S3
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