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Improved version of guess-msvc.bat

When working with mozilla-build I discovered that guess-msvc.bat does not work correctly when called from a 32-bit process in a 64-bit OS.
We try to incorporate the build in our environment to automate it.

Because guess-msvc.bat is run as a 32-bit process, it uses the 32-bit environment and does not detect some components (which are installed in the 64-bit environment)

The proposed improvement I made creates two variables: REGNATIVE and REG32. The last one is of interest because the MSVCEXPROOTKEY does not need change depending on the OS architecture.
Basically, the changed version detects the architecture aware version of reg.exe and uses that.

To test this, you can start cmd.exe using %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\cmd.exe to start it as a 32-bit process and starting start-msvcX.bat from here.

Since start-msvcX.bat starts MinGW which is a 32-bit process, it should be no problem to implement these changes and run everything as 32-bit.
This should have no effect on 32-bit Windows
Hey Shondoit, sorry this bug seems to have gone unnoticed for so long :(

Anyway, we've made a lot of improvements to MozillaBuild for supporting 64-bit OSes since this was filed. Are there still any lingering issues here that aren't covered by the latest release? :)
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I think bug 1128186 as probably addressed any remaining issues at this point. Please feel free to reopen if you think I'm missing something.
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