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(1 file, 7 obsolete files) uses devicemanager.runCmd to execute xpcshell, but runCmd is not implemented in devicemanagerSUT.
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Attached patch wip (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I have changed launchProcess to use the devicemanager's launchProcess, and updated the adb launchProcess significantly. It works fine with adb, but there are still a couple of problems with sut.
I have found several problems trying to launch xpcshell via devicemanagerSUT:
 - getDeviceRoot uses the SUT testroot command, which returns /mnt/sdcard; xpcshell cannot be executed from sdcard because we cannot chmod +x it in that location; I have updated testroot to return /data/local, if /data/local/tests exists -- just like we did in devicemanagerADB
 - devicemanagerSUT.launchProcess appends "> <deviceroot>/process.txt" to the command line when no output file is specified. This ends up being passed as arguments to Runtime.exec(), which fails. I expect redirection is a shell responsibility and the > is not interpretted by Runtime.exec(). It's probably best to just remove this redirection -- the agent's RedirOutputThread is going to redirect output anyway.
 - devicemanagerSUT.launchProcess makes no allowance for its cwd parameter.
And also...
 - surrounds some command line arguments with single quotes: eg -e '_execute_test(); quit();'. The quotes are necessary when invoked via the adb shell, but cause xpcshell to fail silently when invoked via sut. I have moved the quoting code out of and into devicemanagerADB.
And also...bug 695020 affects xpcshell significantly -- xpcshell typically completes before processExists() detects it.
Depends on: 695020
Attached patch wip - updated for bitrot (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Can execute xpcshell via ADB or SUT with this patch. With SUT, there is a little more work required to return / report results.
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Promising, but lots of testing still to do: How do these changes affect other test suites, etc...
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please check the changes in bug 728928 for devicemanager and process launching.
...actually bug 728298
It was relatively straight-forward to adapt the patch to use shell(), but I had to add some additional features to shell():
 - environment handling
 - cwd handling
 - character escapes
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Depends on: 728298
Depends on: 730153
Attached patch simpli (obsolete) — Splinter Review
:wlach -- note that I had 2 issues with the devicemanager shell work:
 - on ADB, the manual escaping of characters + list2cmdline results in double quoting of some xpcshell arguments, resulting in failures; I removed list2cmdline
 - _pop_last_line() fails when the file has a single line; I adjusted the character indexing
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simplified patch based on the good work in bug 728298

Looks great, sorry about the bugs in devicemanager. My only suggestion would be to run things through try before pushing.
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simplified patch based on the good work in bug 728298

Review of attachment 600229 [details] [diff] [review]:

the changes to will affect all other unittests, so we need this on try server.
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are we ready to check this in?  After this lands, what else is left?
Yes - ready for check-in. 

Bug 730152 is needed to tidy up hung xpcshell's...that's about all that I can think of.
Keywords: checkin-needed
Sorry...I meant bug 730153.
Closed: 10 years ago
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