Firefox very slow and hangs for some time with warning "plugin-container: /usr/lib/ version `NSS_3.12.10' not found"




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Steps to reproduce:

Open any sight with plugins etc., like java/flash

Actual results:

Firefox hung for some time.
I started it from terminal it shows messages like
plugin-container: /usr/lib/ version `NSS_3.12.10' not found

After 10-20 seconds, it starts working again

Expected results:

No Hang. Infact, I know the issue.
I do not have superuser access on my work machine RHEL5.
Due to this reason, I have to install firefox 8 in my home directory. 

Now firefox pics libnss3 from /usr/lib instead of picking it up from firefox install directory. This is seriously weird. Firefox has the latest libnss3 in its home directory, but its going to usr/lib

This problem was not there in older(7.0 or older) versions of firefox, and is coming from 8.0 onwards.

Its there in firefox 9(from betachannel) and also in firefox 10 (from Aurorachannel)

I think a simple code fix would be to first check for all libs in firefox install directory, and then go to /usr/lib

I think this is not implemented currently as many people install firefox as superuser through their package managers, which results in firefox lib in /usr/lib

But this is a flawed model. First it should check where is firefox installed.

For example., somebody may have stable firefox in /usr/lib and a Aurora or Beta channel firefox in home directory for testing.

Hopefully, we will see the fix  in the next firefox update. 

For people who install firefox from tar.gz packages, firefox executable and libs are in same directory.
So a simple check could be to look for libs in the directory where firefox executable resides, and then go to system dirs.


5 years ago
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I'm pretty sure this bug is long fixed.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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