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AutoLocalJNIFrame should use JNIForThread()


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Using JNI() forbids us to use AutoLocalJNIFrame if the method isn't called in the main thread. We should use JNIForThread() instead to allow such usage.
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Who is using JNI on another thread?
(In reply to Michael Wu [:mwu] from comment #1)
> Who is using JNI on another thread?

All callers of GetJNIForThread() could use JNI on another thread (which I realize is mostly WebSMS methods). However, I wrote a method that is called from another thread which means I can't call it with the current implementation of AutoLocalJNIFrame.
(In reply to Naoki Hirata :nhirata from comment #3)
> related to bug 704785?

The stack track lets me think the crash in bug 704785 happens in the main thread. In that case, it wouldn't be related.
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Patch v1

I don't want AutoLocalJNIFrame (with JNIForThread) to be used by other threads unless the code explicitly asks for it. In most cases, getting a JNIEnv on a different thread isn't a good idea unless you really need it and have made sure that it is safe.
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Patch v3

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Looks good, thanks!

::: widget/src/android/AndroidBridge.h
@@ +253,5 @@
>          // the AutoLocalJNIFrame's scope INVALID; be sure that you locked down
>          // any local refs that you need to keep around in global refs!
>          void Purge() {
> +            mJNIEnv->PopLocalFrame(NULL);
> +            mJNIEnv->PushLocalFrame(mEntries);

You can probably use Push() here too.
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