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Hey there, 

We need an e-mail address for Firefox Flicks. Do you recommend an alias or a mailbox all it's own? There will be at least two people checking these messages. Please let me know. 

The program will be launching in early December

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7 years ago
This really depends on your needs. I would say a standard distribution list (, if only two people will initially check that list.
Also, go to to properly request the creation of the list. It also has details about the different types of mailing lists we support.
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It looks like the distribution list is what we need. One question, can we reply from that address ( using the distribution list?

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OKay, so we need something that we can reply from. What would that be?
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> No

Yes.  Just set up an identity for it in your mail client and use that when you reply.  Don't forget to BCC the list so others on the list know someone replied.

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7 years ago
Thanks Dave! Bug filed here:
In Thunderbird:
1) Tools > Account Settings > (your email account)
2) Click the "Manage Identities" button at the bottom
3) Click "Add"
4) Fill in the information you want used for the replies
5) Click the Copies & Folders tab
6) Check the box for BCC and put in the distribution list name
7) Click OK to create it
8) Click OK to close the Identities dialog
9) Click OK to close Manage Accounts.

It should automatically pick this identity when you reply to a message sent to that address, based on the address matching.  If it doesn't, there's a dropdown at the top of the compose window to pick the address.

In Zimbra's Web UI:
1) Click on Preferences tab
2) Click on Mail > Accounts on the left navigation
3) Click the "Add Persona" button
4) scroll down, give it a meaningful name, and fill in the address information
5) Under "Use this persona" check the appropriate boxes for how to want it to match when to use that persona for a reply.
6) Click "Save" in the button bar at the top.

Zimbra doesn't have a way to automatically BCC, so you'll need to remember that part each time manually when using Zimbra's web client to do this.
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