If you see the css active of a select drop down, if you open the drop down and dont move your mouse and click it again, it shows the active css again, it shouldnt




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Steps to reproduce:

I created a js bin demo here jsbin.com/ecodul

I gave my select box an :active class.

This is a problem in the css rendering.

Actual results:

If you click down on it, the first time, to open the drop down, the box gets the active style correctly applied.
Now if you move your mouse wherever, and click on the box again (not the box that opened below) it properly closes and doesnt apply the active style to it.
However, if you click on to open it, (active style applied) but then dont move your mouse, and click again to close the drop down it applies the active class again.

Expected results:

I think we need to decide, if we click on it should it show the active style every time. Or just the first time?
I actually like it being just the first time as it's now already active, why apply it again. So I think what we should do is make the active css not re-apply when we click on the button twice without moving mouse.

Please see the jsbin demo

Comment 1

7 years ago
oh just a side question, if anyone knows how to remove that default drop down arrow with css can you please make metnion :)

also maybe i should make this a seperate bug, but i am not able to style the border of the dropped down box.

Comment 2

7 years ago
oh also a further bug:
when you click on an item in the dropped down menu box, the active style gets applied to the original box. (this is very weird)

Comment 3

7 years ago
please open the jsbin code in Google Chrome to see how they do it. When you click on an item in the dropped down box it doesn't give the top box the active styling.

However what Google Chrome does, that i dont think is a good idea, is that whenever you click on the top box it gives it the active style. I think it should only do it when it is opening the drop down.

Comment 4

7 years ago
This is the jsbin demo edited for chrome: (i just changed it to -webkit in the css)


Comment 5

6 years ago
hi all is there any plans for this please?

Comment 6

6 years ago
bump :(
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