[adbe 2997213] bug in plugin support for those browsers when using gfxSwitcher




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7 years ago
[intel GPU Mac] Transparent stage when intel GPU is used on OSX 10.7.2

Note: does not occur on Safari browsers

Problem: With Chrome, the video stage becomes transparent when the intel GPU is in use.
WIth FF, the stage becomes corrupted instead of transparent. Both browsers were tested with Serrano and Wasabi Prime. Spicy crashes when I do this. 
Validated on MacBook Pro 6,2 with dual GPU system 
Download gfxcardstatus to force which gpu you want to use 

Method: use a mac system with dual GPU
Force GPU to intel only 
navigate to youtube.com
play a video

For me 
1. go to http://fpqa.macromedia.com/version/FlashVersion.html (keep page open) 
2. use gfxcardstatus to switch GPU modes (if in dynamic -> integrated only or if integrated only -> dynamic) 
3. refresh the version page 
4. verifiy garbage or transparency 
5. play some videos on youtube to see more (i opened a new tab, it might work with same tab) 

stage is transparent and shows the content under the browser window (screenshots!) 

no transparent stage

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