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Project Summary:
Create a static web presence for Mozilla Spaces
-1 landing page
-9 property pages (one template)
-1 about page

Creative brief: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/moz-spaces-creative-brief
Wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Websites/Moz-Spaces
Meeting Notes: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Websites/Moz-Spaces#Meetings
Sitemap: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrissiebrodigan/6308130318/

cbrodigan is currently working on wireframes and will have them for review this week. Targeting to kickoff design phase on Dec 5.

Target go live date for static site is Dec 22.

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6 years ago
What date do you expect to have website content if the go-live is 12/22?

You'll need to budget for infrasec review, which for this site is probably measured in days.

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6 years ago
Hi there.  

Going live on the 22nd does feel pretty tight.  When would the design handoff deadline be to make this date?  Just want to make sure we plan resources appropriately given the tight timeline here.  I'd like to keep it in-house as it will simply be more efficient, but need to know if I need to reach out to freelancers to get this done on time.  

I haven't had a chance to go through the brief, wiki's etc.  It's a lot of information which is great (thank you)... but would be great to set up a meeting to walk through this real quick so we're all on the same page.  Mainly I want to understand the type (and amount) of content we're putting on this page and how much of it leans towards copy vs. design, and how much of that is existing content vs. new ones we'd need to craft. 

Is there a copy bug already filed?  Seems like we'll need Matej's help here.  cc-ing him on this bug for now.  While the wireframes are being created, it would be great to make progress on the copy.
Assignee: tshahian → ltom

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6 years ago
I added you guys (Tara, Lee and Matej) to the status meeting on Monday 12/5. We'll review wireframes and kickoff design.

Matej has been helping with branding copy via email but there is no bug filed yet.

Amie is working on content for the site. Amie, please make sure to have that ready for review in time for Monday's meeting. I think the next step would be for Matej to review and refine the copy based on what Amie provides.

I agree the go live date of 12/22 is aggressive. Let's discuss on Monday.

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6 years ago
Thanks Mike.  Looking forward to the meeting on Monday, and thanks for setting that up.


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Depends on: 708025

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6 years ago
Hey guys, per several discussions, here is the plan of attack:

* Lee is on design (wohoo!)
* For Q4, simple/single landing page.
* Wireframe: http://bit.ly/w4Gn3e
* Copy: Bug #708025

* MAP:

-- Given the timing and various other factors, my suggestion is that the map be a single image global map rendered in the same style as those found on mozilla.org.  http://www.mozilla.org/contribute/local/europe.html

-- This will just be an image which we'll then add tick marks and hover states over the different Spaces.  

-- It will not be a iframe or a complex interactive map like the others we've done.

-- It will also be an entirely new map, so while it doesn't function the same way as the others, it'll at least be familiar and echo the community map we already have.

-- In Q1, we'll then revisit and assess how we can integrate the maps better, and more fully.

Let me know what you guys think.  This adds a bit more work to the design side of things, but in the end simplifies the whole process for everyone (imo) as we push for a Q4 launch. Lee is working on mocking up a first draft and will share as soon as he can.  Otherwise, we have our touch base meeting tomorrow to discuss.

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6 years ago
Created attachment 579404 [details]
single page wireframe.

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6 years ago
sorry, it will *not* be an entirely new map.  that bullet made no sense, sorry for "bugging" quickly...

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6 years ago
Also... I recommend nixing the little avatar per location since we don't have anything custom designed, and I'd rather avoid stereotypical images per location (Eiffel Tower, GG bridge, etc).  At least until we have more time to think through the creative for this, I think it's fine launching without.

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6 years ago
Design is done :)  Thanks Lee.  Please post PSDs as soon as you can so we can close.

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6 years ago
Hey guys, since most of the conversation has moved to the copy bug (including design discussions) I'm going to close this and turn to Bug #708025 for Copy and Design.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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Blocks: 708844
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