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After "Server not found" error, it is impossible to force Firefox to reload for ~30 sec


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Build ID: 20111120135848

Steps to reproduce:

In this particular instance, I was reloading a Facebook page that had frozen. When reloading, Firefox gave a "Server not found" error.

Actual results:

I hit reload again, and it gave the same error. To be sure, I checked the same page in Chrome and it loaded perfectly. Trying in Firefox again still failed. Eventually, after 30-60 seconds or so it let me reload the page. This is not unique to Facebook, and has been observed in other instances. There appears to be a "time-out" period before it will try to find a missing server again.

Expected results:

Even if there is an intentional time-out, it should be possible to manually force a reload. Nothing allows this. There is no reason to be locked out of a perfectly accessible web page when the browser has decided that it doesn't exist.
Severity: normal → S3
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