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bouncer_submitter for Android


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When we have Android single locale and partner repacks that we release off the website, we will need bouncer entries for the snippets.

Adding a single maemo bouncer entry was a simple task; adding dozens of Android bouncer entries is not as simple.
I can grab this. Is there any deadline for this?
Assignee: nobody → rail
I *think* we'll need this by late Januaryish, but deadlines are always fluid in mobile land :)
Aki, can you add example entries, like in bug 699391?
Depends on: 698425
Hm, I think

    Fennec-9.0b4 android /mobile/releases/9.0b4/android/:lang/

and maybe, if we also release android-xul,

    Fennec-9.0b4 android-xul /mobile/releases/9.0b4/android-xul/:lang/

would work.  I forgot about :lang; it's only 1 entry, maybe 2 if we release android and android-xul.

* We may want to doublecheck that :lang is globally replaced, since it occurs twice
* We don't need Complete and Partial bouncer entries because there are no MARs.  However, if people prefer to have a Complete url, we can

    Fennec-9.0b4-Complete android /mobile/releases/9.0b4/android/:lang/

* I'm naming it android-arm.apk instead of eabi-arm.apk because the build is named android-arm.apk. names it eabi-arm.apk; we should fix that.

As far as I know, we won't want this turned on for the 9.0 release in December.  This only becomes an issue when we have partner repacks going to the Android Market and Amazon Market, and we have single locale builds on the website.  However, if we land this earlier, and the platform list to submit bouncer entries for is empty until we need it, that works for me.

Marking dependencies.
Depends on: 705214, 659544
Priority: -- → P3
Depends on: 733377
Some notes:
* Need to add "multi" as a new locale to Bouncer (bug 733377)
* Bouncer checks for "last" locale which will be en-US for mobile ( Probably safe to leave as is.
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Mass move of bugs to Release Automation component.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Automation (Release Automation)
No longer blocks: hg-automation
Can't do anything here unless the blocker is resolved... :/
Assignee: rail → nobody
I don't see any remotely recent Bouncer entries for Android. I think this means this is WONTFIX? Re-open if that's wrong.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: → Release Engineering
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