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Chatzilla Auto-connect URLs can not be deleted


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Steps to reproduce:

Created auto-connect URLs under "Global Settings, Startup, Auto-Connect URLs".  Later tried to delete one or more. Version 0.9.87

Actual results:

Found that once added, an Auto-connect URL can only be modified, never deleted, EVEN IF entire URL is erased from the text box (given no erase button)

Expected results:

User interface should allow user to delete Auto-connect URLs after creation without having to reset to defaults
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WFM as Follows:
1. ChatZilla → Preferences → Global Settings → Startup → Locations
2. Select the URL you want to remove (e.g. click on the line to highlight it)
3. Click the [Delete] button at right of the box.
4. Close the Preferences dialog ([Close] or [OK] depending on browser.preferences.instantApply)
I see what's going on.  

The delete button is 'off screen', invisible wihtout noticing a teeny tiny bit more content by using the scroll-bar. 

Another case in point: Look at the Formatting tab.  There's a scroll bar that has exactly zero purpose.  There's maybe one additional pixel 'off screen' creating a useless scroll bar.  I'm running 'normal' fonts in WinXP.  Can anyone comment on whether this happens on other platforms?  

Should the UI be tweaked to as a matter of attention to detail?  Naturally it's better NOT to require scrolling (or worse, to show a useless scroll bar) when 'everything' would fit perfectly just by slightly tweaking the layout. 

Well, on SeaMonkey for Linux (and with the 3rd-party theme I'm using, and in en-US) the ChatZilla preferences window is (as you can see) both high and wide enough, its scrollbar (when there is one: not here) is obvious enough, and in addition it can be resized and even maximized; but I've been told that some dialogs can be resized on some platforms and not on others.

Also, the length of text strings (and hence the desired width of a dialog) can vary quite a lot depending on the UI language.
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