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7 years ago
On pages like the text of the actual files is unreadably small on the default zoom level. However, there is still space, so this text could be displayed with a larger font.
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Created attachment 598268 [details] [diff] [review]

This hack makes shrink-wrapped tables use all the available width rather
than shrink-wrapping.  It makes the file list table at the URL use the
full width of the viewport, and its text slightly larger.
It's an improvement IMO, but it seems like a brutal approach.

Does anyone have other suggestions on how to improve a case like this?

Also, does anyone know of "table based" sites I can test?
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Should that patch be reviewed or given feedback?
I don't think that patch is quite valid because it ignores the min-width.

I think the layout here was probably totally changed by bug 706193, such that font inflation isn't done at all.

That said, I don't understand the description in comment 0 based on the behavior we had back then.
Now that we've added a bunch of fixes to text rendering on Mobile, this should look much better now. Please re-test.
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If this is still a thing, can I ask a contributor to help carry it over the line?
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This is still a thing. WesJ is fairly heads down in iOS land. Poking other people in #mobile, Margaret might be good as this is a look that we inherit from desktop.
Created attachment 8639524 [details]
Base style

Late reply, but yeah, someone could finish this up. Long ago I spent some time trying to make the page's responsive (just using dev-tools), so I figured I'd upload the CSS files for that if anyone was interested.

This was a base style, mostly taken from whats in tree already.
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Created attachment 8639525 [details]
Small screen desktop css

This was a style for small screens on Desktop, essentially removing the padding around the edges once the screen was small enough that it was taking up all the content. It also colored the header in this mode so that it would stand out.
Created attachment 8639526 [details]
Touch screen styling (large screens)

This was for large screen touch-enabled-devices. Basically looks like desktop right now, but makes the rows big enough to interact with reliably.
Created attachment 8639528 [details]
Small touch screen tweaks

This applies on small touch screen devices to remove a bunch of labels that don't really fit on screen anymore.

The idea with these was that they'd all be contained in different media queries, so different ones would apply in different situations. i.e. anyone who's playing with this shouldn't expect to just apply one of these and have everything work.
remove the tracking fennec flag for now, because this bug happened 2 years ago , and please provide the reproducible way if still existing. Thank you !
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Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
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