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Since new 10.a (not sure exact date), replies to emails with inline images ALWAYS breaks images in reply.  Sending email results in "Attaching" never completing until inline image is removed.  This is not an issue in 9.x or earlier.

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7 years ago
Also, it looks like if I edit a message containing pasted images, and click "save draft", it automatically breaks the images, even though they show up fine on initial edit.

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7 years ago
This does not seem to happen if I save out the images to the file system, then drag them into the original email.  Perhaps the issue is how email compose is handling the temp/pasted graphics?  So if compose creates temp graphics for those contained in replies, it also breaks?

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7 years ago
Is this an IMAP account, and if yes, with synchronization enabled or disabled?
Meaning, is the image to be included local or coming from the IMAP server?

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7 years ago
IMAP with account syncing enabled.  The odd thing is that you see the images in the email to be read, and you see the images immediately after hitting reply; only after autosave or sending do the images break.

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7 years ago
Ok, moving to the IMAP component if this is possibly related to synchronization. I'm unable to reproduce with either a local account nor unsynched IMAP.
Component: Message Compose Window → Networking: IMAP
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
QA Contact: message-compose → networking.imap
Keywords: regression

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7 years ago
I suspect this more has to do with the changes made to saving inline images as drafts, and/or the changes to do with replying to .eml files. Are you replying to mails in a mail folder, or .eml files that you've opened with saved messages?

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7 years ago
I'm just replying to emails in the inbox.  I also get this when I take an email that I have composed and sent, then right-click and "edit as new".  Even if the original email worked because I did inline images from image files on my computer, the edit as new breaks on first save to drafts, or on send.
Component: Networking: IMAP → Account Manager
Product: MailNews Core → Thunderbird


7 years ago
Component: Account Manager → Message Compose Window
QA Contact: networking.imap → message-compose

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7 years ago
Sorry, the bug wouldn't let me save without changing components, and it went to the wrong one at that.

Comment 9

7 years ago
Michael, can you forward (as attachment) a message that when you reply to, you can't send?  Also, the account prefs for the account would be useful (config editor, mail.server.serverXX prefs where that server is the one the mail is in).

Does it happen to all your accounts? And do you have any extensions installed that might be related? Does it happen in safe-mode?

Comment 10

6 years ago
Email sent.  Sorry, just saw the requests.
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