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Ability to change fonts to Bold via edit->Preferences


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This is a wish, not a bug. 

I would like to have the option to change my display of fonts to  include a "bold" option.

ctrl-+ makes the font bigger AND seems to make it bold as well. I'd love to have this be an option that I can turn on.

Thanks for the GREAT browser!
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: General → Preferences
OS: Linux → All
QA Contact: general → preferences
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Summary: Changing fonts via edit->Preferences → Ability to change fonts to Bold via edit->Preferences
Version: 8 Branch → Trunk
Where exactly would you expect this in the Preferences dialog? 
Under "Content > Fonts & Colors > Advanced"?
You can use Preferences to change the default (serif/sans-serif/monospace) font families and select designs that tend to be a bit heavier (even in their "regular" face).

I don't think there should be an option to make all fonts use the Bold weight by default. That would destroy significant styling in many cases. (How would you expect <b> or <strong> tags to be rendered, if the "plain" font is already bold?)

What you're suggesting sounds good to me. Something as simple as making the effect of <ctrl>-+ apply to all pages/URLs?

To answer Jonathan's concern, perhaps making these use a larger size in the same font family, or just doing it how the <ctrl>-+ does it. 

Severity: normal → S3
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