Spell check stops working while typing. Have to disable enable to get it working.




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Steps to reproduce:

This error has been around for years but I can't find a specific post about it.  When typing an email or in any text area field, the spell check will just stop finding some of the mis-spelled words.

Actual results:

Words were properly underlined as being incorrect.  While typing, the underlining goes away for random words while others are still underlined.  I cannot right-click the ones that are no longer underlined.  If I right click and uncheck Check Spelling and then recheck it, the previously underlined words will be underlined again and everything then works fine.  This has been going on since version 3 or so and I know it was reported before as I submitted screenshots as well but I couldn't find it and was baffled that it's still going on in version 8.
This happens on version 3 or 4 and version 8 and every version in between.

Expected results:

Underlining should no break as I type and I should be able to fix the words without having to turn off and back on the Check Spelling feature.
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