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Log records JSON without newlines


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Currently, the string representation of records contains newlines. There are a few consumers not smart enough to escape the newlines as a literal "\n". This means that certain activities (like parsing) are more difficult than they should be because records span multiple lines.

This seems to be the only place in the Sync ecosystem where newlines are introduced in strings that are logged. I propose removing the newlines from the toString() representation. The downside is the formatted JSON isn't as pretty. But, it is still fairly readable. More importantly, if you naively `|sort` multiple Sync logs together, you get all the data and don't have orphaned lines.

I've tested the attached patch and all tests pass.
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Remove newlines from record serialization

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Eh, sure, why not. If we're stuck with crappy textual logging formats, might as well make them easier to process.

r=me with nits.

::: services/sync/modules/record.js
@@ +117,5 @@
>        "index: " + this.sortindex,
>        "modified: " + this.modified,
>        "ttl: " + this.ttl,
>        "payload: " + JSON.stringify(this.payload)
> +    ].join("  ") + " }",

If you're touching these lines, please rewrite the whole function to:

* use string concatenation instead of allocating an array and using join. (It's not even using JSON.stringify to tackle escaping, so this is just labs laziness!)
* call it toString, not WBORec_toString, while you're touching it
* make it use { return } rather than short syntax.

Same applies to CryptoWrap.
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