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Make mozilla-inbound a level 2 repository



mozilla.org Graveyard
Server Operations
6 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: philikon, Unassigned)



mozilla-inbound has generally been a success. It has lowered the bar for checking in (no more tree watching) and the no-mercy rule regarding backouts has generally provided for a more stable tree (even on inbound, but definitely on m-c.)

I propose that we also lower the required committer level to L2. That means we would no longer have to hand out L3 to everybody who occasionally needs to land a patch against m-c. Some teams already do this by having project branches that are L2. Only one or two people from that team would need L3 access to occasionally merge to m-c. I don't see why inbound should be any different.
I don't know who will decide on this, but definitely not server ops. We can only chgrp the repo.
Assignee: server-ops → nobody
Component: Server Operations → Release Engineering
QA Contact: cshields → release
This would effectively make mozilla-central level_2, since no one closely monitors mozilla-inbound pushes (or pushes anywhere, really). If we think the level_2/level_3 distinction is unnecessary, we should just get rid of it explicitly, rather than shoehorning it in indirectly.

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6 years ago
-> RESO INCOMPLETE, pending developer consensus.
If this becomes an actionable item, please refile/reopen.
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Assignee: nobody → server-ops
Component: Release Engineering → Server Operations
QA Contact: release → cshields
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