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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Zimbra 6.0.8 has broken support for the QRESYNC IMAP feature. [1]

This breaks email clients with QRESYNC support and it makes the IMAP server unusable. Until the Zimbra server is upgraded to 6.0.11 or to a newer version, please disable the QRESYNC capability in the current Zimbra server configuration.

As I understand a command like:

zmprov mcf +zimbraImapDisabledCapability QRESYNC

... would be sufficient.

For more details, please see:
[1] http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=52403

Thank you very much!
We've been operating with this in place for at least a year...  can it wait another week or two?  (Or is this something that was previously patched and never documented that got lost in the reinstall?)  We're going to be upgrading to 7.1.3 very shortly.
OK, just read the scrollback in #it on IRC and I see the supposition that it was previously patched this way and got lost in the reinstall was probably correct.

Making this change requires the IMAP server to be restarted, which takes about 10 minutes (yay, Java!).  Not sure when I can get away with doing that but I'll see what I can do.

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7 years ago
I surely don't want to cause trouble with this bug report, especially given the problems we've been having lately.

If this sounds like a risky change, I can wait for the upgrade - I'll just continue to use the Zimbra web mail client until Zimbra is upgraded.

Thank you!
zmprov mcf +zimbraImapDisabledCapability QRESYNC
zmprov mcf +zimbraImapSSLDisabledCapability QRESYNC
zmmailboxdctl restart

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I also made a note to revert that after we upgrade.

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7 years ago
Tested. It works now. Thank you Dave!
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