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The bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark", not "Remove"


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Firefox 12
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Right now, when a page is bookmarked, we change the bookmark icon to a filled-in star and change the label to "Remove" so that you can unbookmark. On ICS, though, we don't do icons in the menu, and we have a checked checkbox in the row (because the page is bookmarked, meaning that we get this nonsensical thing:

Remove   [x]

with no context.

Instead, it should read as

Bookmark    [x]

and tapping should uncheck (unbookmark).
Would it be out of the question to use "Bookmark" all the time (ICS and other phones)? I worry that "Remove" is too vague.
Or maybe it could change between "Bookmark [ ]" and "Bookmarked [x]" -- but I don't know how localizable that is.
Duplicate of this bug: 712745
Hardware: x86 → ARM
Morphing this bug to apply to all phones, not just ICS. Let's just always say Bookmark.

On ICS, we have a checkbox next to it, and on earlier phones we have a hollow star and a filled in star, which should be enough.
Summary: [ICS] On ICS, bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark" → The bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark"
Summary: The bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark" → The bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark", not "Remove"
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This patch:
* Removes the "bookmark_remove" string
* Stops changing the title of the menu item. It's always "Bookmark" now
* Changes the entity name of "bookmark_add" to just "bookmark"
* Removes the unused "bookmarks_title" string

Tested on Gingerbread and ICS. Added bookmark, removed bookmark and switched between tabs. The menu and the popup toast worked correctly on both.
Assignee: nobody → mark.finkle
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If reducing l10n churn is a concern at this point, we could keep the ID as "bookmark_add".
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there was enough string churn here I decided to go with the change for correctness
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We can't reuse the bookmarks_add string, as that's a verb, while bookmark is a noun now. Same characters in English, but rather different words :-).

String freeze is in a week from now so that we can fix things like this on aurora still.
Verified fix on 1-10-2011 build.
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UX wanted string change
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Mobile only - approved for Aurora.
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