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Implement MediaStreamArray class for PeerConnection's localStreams/remoteStreams


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Per discussion in #content, use a scriptableHelper, and then make MediaStreamArray to provide the localStreams/remoteStreams arrays required by the webidl (which says they have to be 'live').  

	bholley	jesup: I _think_ you can get away with subclassing nsArraySH, rather than nsGenericArraySH, and just implementing GetItemAt
                See also

In the much longer future, bug 580070 should provide easier ways to do this, but that's much further out.
This is a work-in-progress, and note the naming of nsWebRTCMediaStream.h is to avoid nsMediaStream.h in content; the name will change before checkin (or roc's changes for mediastreams will land and I'll be able to remove my mediastream stub).

However, this should show how I'm planning to implement the "live array return" using nsArraySH, as recommended.
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WIP patch to add MediaStreamList's and use them in IDL

I realize this is incomplete and rough, but I figured I'd run it past you while it's still relatively fresh in your minds.  Did I miss/forget anything obvious?

(yes, I know I need to vet the license boilerplates - they were just copied largely from the code I Cargo-Culted off of.)
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WIP patch to add MediaStreamList's and use them in IDL

This generally looks like the right approach.
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Boris, could you take a look at the binding stuff?
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Depends on: 791345, 791347
Note to bz - this probably applies against Alder, as PeerConnection/etc aren't on m-c yet.
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>+++ b/media/webrtc/signaling/src/peerconnection/PeerConnectionImpl.cpp
>+  return mLocalSourceStreams[index].get();

Why do you need the .get()?

>+  return mRemoteSourceStreams[index].get();


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What's left to do here on the bug Peter? Can we finalize the patch and get it landed. It contains some parts we really would like to have for our first Mochitests for WebRTC. Thanks!
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Well after the backout, we got a build failure relating to one of the files added by this bug's patch:
 make[7]: *** No rule to make target `src/peerconnection/MediaStreamList.cpp', needed by `src/peerconnection/MediaStreamList.o'.  Stop.

Looks like this requires a clobber to clean up after a backout, or something (?)
(In reply to Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] from comment #10)
> Looks like this requires a clobber to clean up after a backout, or something

I think that was bug 800847.

Relanded with the interface in a MOZ_WEBRTC condition.
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Validated through automation and a couple of manual sanity checks.
Keywords: verifyme
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