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Add Bookmark This Link to feeds' Website header link context menu


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If you view a feed item in MailNews which contains a Website (Content-Base) header, you can either click it or context-click it. In the latter case, only Copy Link Location is offered currently.

This bug is about adding Bookmark This Link to the context menu, using the Subject header value as default bookmark title.

Note: If review takes longer, please consider giving f+ and allowing me to land the strings in advance (next Aurora merge is only two days ahead). Also, if SR is needed, please request it since I'm assuming this is a MOA case.

BTW: See bug 224433 comment 11 regarding the general context menu item's label.
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::: suite/mailnews/msgHdrViewOverlay.js
@@ +1707,5 @@
> +
> +    if (currentHeaderData && "content-base" in currentHeaderData)
> +    {
> +      var url = currentHeaderData["content-base"].headerValue;
> +      if (url != websiteAddressNode)

bah, make that websiteAddress (forgot to hg qrefresh before attaching the patch)
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Just formal nitpicking, apart from the bug you already noticed.

>+function BookmarkWebsite(websiteAddressNode)

The parameter should be named aWebsiteAddressNode.

>+    var websiteAddress = websiteAddressNode.getAttribute("value");
>+      var url = currentHeaderData["content-base"].headerValue;
>+      var title = currentHeaderData["subject"].headerValue;

Subscope variables should use let.

r/moa=me with that and the bug fixed.
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The "Website" link which appears in the headers of a feed item now has a "Bookmark This Link" menuitem in addition to "Copy Link Location" which I've always seen there.

Checked in all three of: preview pane, message tab, message window.

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