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Range.createContextualFragment sets wrong namespace when context is an SVG node


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Steps to reproduce:

I used the createContextualFragment DOM Range API, with the context element set to a SVG element. I attached a reduced test case.

Spec at

Actual results:

The nodes in the resulting DocumentFragment have their namespaces set to the HTML namespace, not to the SVG namespace.

Expected results:

The nodes in the resulting DocumentFragment should have their namespaces set to the SVG namespace, so I can add them to the SVG element :)

In the attached test case, the black <circle> coming from the SVG fragment should overlap the red <circle> in the initial SVG.
Chrome bug at
This would be useful for visualizations and games. A real use-case is that I'd like to pull data for a unit model, set it as a <symbol>, and then <use> it to render multiple units with the same model.

Thank you for looking into this!
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That's what the specification says. Have you emailed the whatwg and suggested it be changed?
Thank you for your answer, Robert!

I'd definitely like to email the WHATWG if this is spec behavior, because I don't think it's the right thing to do. Can you please help me where did my train of thought fail?

1. The fragment parser will be invoked with <svg> as the context element.

2. The XML parsing algorithm will be selected.

3. The default namespace will be the SVG namespace.

Thank you so much!
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