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QA Review for Mozilla Careers


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== Date Needed By == 


(We’d love to launch this project before the end of the year/quarter.)

== Product / Component == 

Please file any related bugs under: Websites /

And prefix issues with: [Careers]

== CC List ==,,,

== Project Description ==

This is a redesign of Mozilla Careers. It is fairly simple, with mostly static content, and pulls in current positions directly from the Jobvite API.

== Source Code ==

== Location ==

• Dev:
• Stage:
• Prod:

Dev and stage will be projected with htaccess (see bug 712325

Note: should be set up to redirect to (see bug 712361)

== QA Level ==

Level 3

== Other ==
We're aiming to have this staged and ready for review before the end of this week, or 2/27 at the latest.
Christie/anyone: can you please CC me on bug 712325?  Thanks!
FYI this is ready to test!
Where can I help?  

1) Noticed the selectors don't filter the jobs.
*All Positions

2) Also, clicking through to a job yields an unformatted Job Description page
(In reply to Bret Reckard from comment #4)
> Where can I help?  

Bret, I'd wait a bit, until at least bug 715977 is resolved; thanks!
A few more notes:

The site is very simple and basically has two pages:

1. home page with recruiting video and list of all open positions
2. position description page

Open jobs are pulled directly from Jobvite via a cron job.

Once the visitor clicks the 'Apply' button they are taken to the jobvite website.

There are some open tickets still for items that we don't have the resources to implement for this iteration of the site. We'll get to those in a future release. 

Also, the side bar of the job description page should include team info. I am still gathering that information.
Tara, take a look at the user flows and wireframes here:

I have some notes to give Bram based on our meeting today. So, these are a tad out of date, but give you an idea of what's going on.
Please ignore that last comment. I updated the wrong bug!
Depends on: 717363
Depends on: 717359
All of the bugs have been fixed & verified.
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