[Firefox 9.0 and Windows XP]CTRL-C shortcut changes effect when firefox first starts =>whole system affected




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Build ID: 20111216140209

Steps to reproduce:

Start Firefox, select some text in any window on screen (not only if firefox window; any application tested is affected), press 'CTRL-C' to copy the selcted text to clipboard.

Add: System is windows XP home sp3 with security add-ons on amd 32-bit main system with 2 GB ram.

Actual results:

full-sized window of application is reduzed to customized-size window and put to background. Sometimes (not in any case) the winows position is changed after second press on 'CTRL-C'. In some applications the shown part of window contents is shifted (seen at pegasus mail). Firefox is pulled to forground on screen and is set to the focus. 

Text selected is correctly copied to clipboard. 

If firefox is closed nothing changes. Only reboot of whole system sets the behaviour back to normal operation. 

Expected results:

Nearly nothing of this. Only the copy of text to clipboard is normal.

Comment 1

7 years ago
In Results part: Second sentence 'Sometimes (..) the _window_ position ...' Only a typo in underlined word but possibly reduces understanding.
Severity: normal → major
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