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show elements z-index in 3d tilt inspector


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3D gives it advantage to show element's z-index clearly.
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Whiteboard: [tilt]
Can you describe how you would expect this to work?
I don't know. I just thought z-index can take the advantage of 3D, not yet come to how it actually like...
floats could appear as floating rectangles. This was something I wanted when we initially started talking about Tilt but it never made it in. Someway to identify that "this is an absolutely positioned element with a different z-index from the rest of the page".

Thanks for filing... dindog? :)
And what happens when (like on twitter) suddenly elements have "z-index: -7" or "z-index:1000;" and stuff like that? :)
(In reply to Victor Porof from comment #4)
> And what happens when (like on twitter) suddenly elements have "z-index: -7"
> or "z-index:1000;" and stuff like that? :)
I think it could act similar to Firebug when DOM attribute changing, highlight it and do some animation. 

But before that, I thought 3D tilt wasn't real-time view , it's just a snapshot of the moment it ran, things didn't change there... Am I wrong? 

Or you means 3D view should change when the elements are changed? Would be nice, but much more complicated implement I assume..
I suppose "suddenly" wasn't such a good word.
What I mean is, it's pretty tricky to get an implementation that takes the actual z-index values into consideration.

Taking all the floats + elements with a z-index and separating them entirely from the mesh to show them somewhere above, so that they're distinguishable, could work. However, this wouldn't be such an exact metaphor, as a negative z-index could make a node invisible, so showing it above everything else would be conceptually wrong.
I think as long as they're above or below the "plane of html" (which I guess is actually a box represented by the height of the lowest child above the base which is the top-level html element), that's fine. We don't necessarily want to represent z-indices of +/- eleventy-billion.
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Whiteboard: [tilt]
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