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crash [@ ][@ arm_neon_fill] on device rotation


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fennec 11+ ---


(Reporter: blassey, Assigned: snorp)



(Keywords: crash, Whiteboard: [native-crash])

I can reliably reproduce a crash on my Samsung Galaxy S (GT-i9000) by rotating from portrait to landscape. I do not see this crash when rotating from landscape to portrait.

this is what I see on the logcat from just before the rotation to after the crash
I crash with this signature with the 12/23* build bug not with the 12/22** build

so, the regression range is from ed47a41ba26a to c5b90ea7e475:

83196 Myk Melez <> no bug - update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only
83197 Pranav Ravichandran <> Bug 710997 - Fix incorrect assignment in PuppetWidget::DispatchPaintEvent(). r=cjones
83198 Steffen Wilberg <> Bug 712614: extensions.js never stops observing extensions.update.enabled. r=mossop
83199 James Willcox <> Bug 670930 - Add Android direct texture implementation
83200 James Willcox <> Bug 670930 - Use asynchronous direct texturing on Android when available
83201 Matt Brubeck <> Bug 709921 - (followup) Update strings about:config to say "Settings" instead of "Preferences" [r=mfinkle]
83202 Matt Brubeck <> Bug 710960 - Make work out of the box with MOZ_BUILD_APP=mobile/xul [r=ctalbert]
83203 Gregory Szorc <> Bug 710961 - Carry over syncGUID generated when install is staged; r=Mossop
83204 Margaret Leibovic <> backout 243520b7d8c3 because it broke the autocomplete popup text
83205 Ed Morley <> Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
83206 Wes Johnston <> Bug 700527 - Master password support for native fennec. r=mfinkle
83207 Mark Finkle <> Bug 712414 - Throbber does not stop after running on pages that use document.write without document.close [r=mbrubeck]
83208 Sriram Ramasubramanian <> Bug 712477: Landscape specific resources should be used in Android [r=mfinkle]
83209 Boris Zbarsky <> Bug 710917.  Moving hover from a button to text in the label containing the button should keep the button's hover state.  r=dbaron
83210 Boris Zbarsky <> Bug 302566.  Show canvas fallback content when script is disabled.  r=tnikkel
83211 aceman <> Bug 711721 - merge nsIScriptError and nsIScriptError2 interfaces; r=neil, sr=bzbarsky
83212 Boris Zbarsky <> Bug 711557.  Expose js::ObjectClass via friendapi.  r=waldo
83213 Boris Zbarsky <> Bug 700221.  Don't pay attention to whether author color are allowed when deciding whether a change to a non-color property should drop native theming.  r=dbaron
83214 Rafael Ávila de Espíndola <> Bug 711447 - Close connection in nsPermissionManager. r=dwitte.
83215 Steven Michaud <> Bug 356742 - Implement nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition(). r=mnyromyr
83216 Steffen Wilberg <> Bug 712766: Replace the buildid by an easily readable build date in about:. r=mfinkle
83217 Frédéric Wang <> Add a directionality flag on MathML frames (bug 534963). r=karlt
83218 Frédéric Wang <> Overall Directionality of formulas (bug 534963). r=karlt
83219 Frédéric Wang <> Add MathML reftests for dir=rtl (bug 534963). r=karlt
83220 Frédéric Wang <> Make lspace/rspace in mo behave as leading/trailing spaces (bug 534963). r=karlt
83221 Frédéric Wang <> Add MathML reftests for lspace/rspace in dir=rtl (bug 534963). r=karlt
83222 Frédéric Wang <> Mirroring of operators for arabic math (Bug 208309) - part 1. r=karlt
83223 Frédéric Wang <> Mirroring of operators for arabic math (Bug 208309) - part 2. r=karlt
83224 Frédéric Wang <> Reftests for bug 208309: mirroring of some mo characters in MathML. r=karlt
83225 Chris Pearce <> Bug 712134 - Log media load algorithm failures to web console. r=roc
83226 David Mandelin <> Bug 710970: remove never-failed null check found by PVS-Studio, r=dvander
83227 David Mandelin <> Bug 711480: remove stray semicolon from conditional, rs=dvander
83228 Brad Lassey <> bug 712719 - NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoAppShell.notifyIMEEnabled r=dougt
83229 Makoto Kato <> bug 693280 - Android DNS lookup port is incorrect usage for external function defines. r=glandium
83230 Terrence Cole <> Bug 712488 - Add missing barrier in jsfunction clone; r=billm
83231 Justin Lebar <> Bug 694862 - Implement navigator.mozVibrate for Gonk, r=cjones
83232 Chris Jones <> Bug 712226 - Crash when fclose(NULL)'ing a battery-status FILE*, r=mwu
83233 Justin Lebar <> Bug 712665 - Fix GonkHal.cpp debug compile errors. r=mwu
83234 Terrence Cole <> Bug 712793 - Add browserIsRemote to test condition testing code; r=jwalden
83235 Jeff Walden <> Bug 711647 - Add MOZ_DELETE to a bunch of deliberately-not-implemented methods across the tree.  r=dbaron
83236 Jeff Walden <> Bug 704687 - Mark final classes as MOZ_FINAL, now that nsDerivedSafe no longer exists again.  r=dbaron
83237 Jeff Walden <> Bug 712129 - Move assertion code into a new mfbt/Assertions.h header.  r=luke
83238 Jeff Walden <> Bug 712129 - Move MOZ*INLINE macros from Util.h into Attributes.h, where they make more sense.  r=luke
83239 Jeff Walden <> Bug 712129 - Add more assertion macro flavors to mfbt, and make the JS engine use mfbt's implementations where appropriate.  r=cjones
83240 Jeff Walden <> Bug 712129 - Implement MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT and MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT_IF.  r=luke
83241 Brad Lassey <> bug 712787 - remove showScreenshot (dead code) r=dougt
83242 Ed Morley <> Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central

of those, bug 670930 is the most likely, so I'm marking this blocking that and assigning to snorp

* built from
** built from
Assignee: nobody → snorp
Priority: -- → P1
Looks like maybe the buffer is too small? Chris, weren't you trying to track down an issue related to this?

Is there any way gAndroidBounds could be smaller than mBounds? Because DrawTo uses mBounds when we don't pass a rect (as we do currently, but I have a patch to fix that), and we reallocate the buffer based on gAndroidBounds. I don't really see how this could be a gralloc-specific issue unless Reallocate() silently fails (unlikely). Regardless, I can try to look into it soonish.
Duplicate of this bug: 713372
Severity: normal → critical
Keywords: crash
Whiteboard: [native-crash]
Wondering why isn't showing this bug in the socorro interface.
Closed: 10 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 711853
Duplicate of this bug: 714023
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