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Refresh is not proper


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Steps to reproduce:

I am a web developer. Hence i do alot of domain name change, redirection and so on so forth. I notice that Firefox has a refreshing webpage problem where by after a web url is redirected to elsewhere (on immediate effect) and browsed to the url again. It tends to load the previous content yet still. [ redirection on domains are done almost immediate of course ]. What i did was :

Get hold of a domain you own : 
E.g :

1) Go to
 - You should get a proper web interface as desired.
2) Go into your domain control panel with ur isp (redirect to somewhere else
3) Press 'F5' key on the same domain you browse using Firefox just now & you will get the old website again (not the new wan which is not desired, sounds like caching problem)
4) But if you right click and press 'reload' you get the new content. (this is what desired)

Actual results:

Content display is not correct even after refresh using 'F5' but Right-Click 'reload' works

Expected results:

Right-Click 'Reload' and F5 should have the similar functionality as they both do refreshing
Severity: normal → S3
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