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7 years ago
On my Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.3 and the latest Aurora build of Fennec Native, when I press the screen and drag my finger to scroll/pan web content, the page only pans about half the time.

This seems to happen on every page I load, although I particularly notice it on New York Times articles.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Go to;
2. Tap a headline to load an article page;
3. Press/drag to pan vertically through the page.

Expected Results: each time I press/drag, the page pans.

Actual Results: the page pans only about half the time I press/drag.

Additional Information:

I thought perhaps the problem was specific to where I press my finger, but I haven't been able to identify a pattern. NYT article pages are text-heavy, and the problem seems to occur at random (about half the time) when I press on text.
Does this happen while the page loading or after the load has finished? Can you reproduce it on other web sites as well?
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Duplicate of this bug: 713854

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7 years ago
It happens after the load has finished.  I can reproduce it on other sites, although it happens less often on some sites and seems to happen less often on as well in today's build: ~25% of the time on an article, and rarely on about:license.

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7 years ago
It seems to happen a lot on this article page:
Duplicate of this bug: 714535
This sounds like a pan/zoom issue; if you could provide logcat output while reproducing the problem that would help in diagnosing the exact problem. (I'm unable to reproduce this on devices I have). If you have the android developer tools installed, use "adb logcat" to get the logcat output, otherwise you can also install the "aLogcat" app from the android market to get it.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 585442 [details]
log taken with alogcat

I don't have the Android developer tools installed, so I installed the alogcat app, cleared the log in it, started Aurora (which loaded a Facebook page initially), browsed to the New York Times mobile home page, opened an article page, and pressed/dragged about ten times to pan through the article, three of which times the browser failed to pan.

Then I switched back to alogcat and saved the log.  Here's the log file alogcat saved.
Awesome, thanks for the log! Looking at the log, I realized that I had already fixed this problem before but apparently the patches never went into Aurora, since it landed on m-i before the cutover for FF12 and landed on m-c after the cutover. Or something like that. Marking this bug as a dupe of bug 709817, and I'll request aurora approval for those patches.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 709817

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7 years ago
I just tested in a Nightly build from December 22, right after the changes landed on central, and I don't see the problem there, so I can confirm that this is fixed on central and thus a duplicate of that other bug.
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