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I'd like to expose piston to end users using 3 legged OAuth on that end users can upload apps and so on. Currently we only use it internally for other Mozilla apps to talk to. I'd like to allow wider access.

We've had questions about piston security, specifically: bug 698184 points out that Piston does not require a CSRF token. The first issue mentioned in bug 698184 is fixed (yaml.safe_load vs yaml.load).

Is this worth a security review?

Where is the source code located?

Note: 3 legged auth isn't turned on for end users. But we are using a library that has at least one issue on it (not using CSRF). I would rather fend off bounty requests first.

Is there a stage server running that we can also test against? If so, please indicate what machine the web server is running on.

No, code isn't turned on yet.

Where would you like the bugs filed in bugzilla? Please specify the product, component and if anyone specific should be copied on the bugs.


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We are using a fork from Bitbucket that supports OAuth2:

Forked from:


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I'm not going to use piston on the marketplace. If you still want to review this for AMO, go for it, but we've been using it for a long time now.
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They are using tastypie instead.
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