selection style doesn't match explorer selection style making deselected items less obvious



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see the deselected message in the middle still has a blue border

If you select a batch of messages, click one, move down 5 or 6 and shift-click another one, and then you go to de-select one of the messages in the middle, the background color changes to de-selected but the selection border remains. This makes it hard to tell that you've actually deselected that message.

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7 years ago
tested with latest nightly build on win7 with three vertical panels view.

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7 years ago
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Remove the border on deselect

With removing this definition the border is removed when the treechildren is deselected. I saw no negative effects without this definition.
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This *definitely* shouldn't be removed. It's the focus-ring for the message, without which you'd have no idea what row is currently focused in the tree. Granted, we need to fix the colors a bit so that you can tell which row is focused when it's *selected* too, but that's bug 686959.

Perhaps more importantly, the behavior described in comment 0 is exactly what happens in Windows Explorer, which is the basis of the theming used for the message list.

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7 years ago
You are correct, I'm updating the summary. The style does not match explorer. The borders are heavier, doubled up, and darker. The gradient is wrong too.
Summary: de-selecting a message doesn't adjust style completely → selection style doesn't match explorer selection style making deselected items less obvious

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selection doesn't match system

here's a comparison. we need to match the system. not matching the system is why this felt so odd to me in thunderbird.
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7 years ago
actually, just resolving as dupe.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 686959
The doubled borders are going to be tough to fix, since we're limited by the XUL tree implementation. A while back, I spent an afternoon or two trying to figure out a way to avoid the doubled borders, but it didn't work. Probably the only (sane) way to solve this would be to implement the CSS border-collapse rule on XUL trees, which is beyond my ken.

For the color values, there's attachment 562970 [details], which shows all the possible selection states used in Explorer.
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