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Design Firefox Flicks Submission Site


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Hey Tara, 

We're starting the build for the Firefox Flicks submission site. This design will be adapted from the assets that Sean has already created. 

We're just about to get UX going and Christie K is putting together a build schedule, so once that's done we'll be able to give you a better estimate of when we'll need the design work done and its full scope (types of pages, number of designs required).

I just wanted to get this on your radar as we'll be launching the submission site at the end of February.

Will update with more info as soon as I can.
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great.  thanks!
Hey Tara, 

I'm not sure if you saw the schedule e-mail that Christie sent around next week, but we're almost finished wireframes and will be ready to hand off wireframes tomorrow. Did you get a chance to look at the schedule? According to the timing we'll need the designs (based on what Sean has done) wrapped up Friday or Monday. 

Let me know if this will work and if you need me to re-send the schedule.

(In reply to Chelsea Novak [:chelsea] from comment #2)
> wireframes tomorrow. Did you get a chance to look at the schedule? According
> to the timing we'll need the designs (based on what Sean has done) wrapped
> up Friday or Monday. 

I gave Chelsea the wrong date earlier. We have until the end of next week (1/12) to wrap up designs. Bram should be done with wireframes in the next day or two.

Full schedule here:
Thanks guys.  Chelsea, can we sync up in person tomorrow to discuss?  Christie, thanks for the schedule update and looking forward to seeing the wireframes.  I'm a bit concerned about the timing here.  I haven't seen the wireframes so I'm not sure what the scope/scale is going to be...  it helps to have a design theme already established (and wireframes of course), but the submission site/page is a pretty unique experience and will likely require some time to design.  Also, we'll need time to craft the copy (is there a bug on that already?)  I'd like to see the wireframes or simply better understand what the submission site/page entails first before giving a final answer on whether we can deliver final designs by end of next week.  Either way, we'll do our best to make this happen.  But would appreciate a quick chat.
Tara, take a look at the user flows and wireframes here:

I have some notes to give Bram based on our meeting today. So, these are a tad out of date, but give you an idea of what's going on.
Just FYI, theses are the changes that Bram is being asked to make:

1. Filmmakers can upload more than one video.

2. Filmmakers need to be able to have a significant amount of text in their profiles.

3. Filmmakers are allowed to edit the titles and descriptions of their films, but they are not allowed to upload a new video (or update the link, depending on which way we implement video submissions).

4. Videos need to be associated with one region and one category.

5. There will be a handful of static, informational pages on the site: Partners, Creative Brief, Judges, Prizes, Legal, FAQ.

We'll also need some wireframes for the pages that will display the winning entries after the contest is over. I'll write some more information on that in the morning. 

Copy is in progress. I am writing it and Matej will review and finalize it. 

And yes, it will all be based on the designs Sean created in November. 

Find me if you'd like to chat more.

One thing that I forgot to pass on to Christie and Bram is that we need a place to feature our flicks teasers. I've passed that on to them, so it's been flagged.

Just FYI
Thanks guys.  Talked to Chelsea, and Lee.  Lee's going to help knock these out for us for next week.  Please note: Monday is a holiday (yay!) and Lee is PTO on next Friday... so, the sooner we finalize wireframes the better :) 

I see this as two separate bugs:
* one for the voter/browser scenario (+ states)
* one for the filmmaker scenario (+ states)

If we can break up the work into two bugs and outline the different states per scenario, that'd be great.  Lee and I can regroup with you guys once the wireframes are ready and then get started. 

Sound good?

Also, Chelsea mentioned that she's working on copy and having Matej polish (thanks).
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