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Get rid of nsCocoaFeatures


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Everything in it is in nsToolkit (with minor differences).

It looks like it's only used by WebGLContextGL.cpp but I can't tell if it's actually needed there. It looks like we can just us nsToolkit instead.
We can't include nsToolkit.h in the files that currently use nsCocoaFeatures since they're not Objective-C files.  What we could do is have nsToolkit derive from nsCocoaFeatures and eliminate the duplicate functions.
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(This might be bug 676907, too.)
Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm not a fan of having nsToolkit extend nsCocoaFeatures. Wouldn't it be simpler to refactor the code to use nsCocoaFeatures instead?
OK, that works too.
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Remove duplicate functions on nsCocoaFeatures and nsToolkit. (v1.1)

We don't need to expose SupportCoreAnimationPlugins in nsToolkit, so r+ with that changes. It would of been nice to just remove the function from nsToolkit and replace any usage of nsToolkit OSVersion to use nsCocoaFeatures but this is already an improve so i'd be happy to take it as-is.

If you're not aware you can use to where find the functions are used.

Also feel free to ping and/or reassign review if it takes too long in the future.
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You're right, replacing the nsToolkit::Blah() calls to nsCocoaFeatures::Blah()
would be better.

Re review time tbh I just requested review and forgot about the bug since it
wasn't anything urgent. :)
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Cameron, is this fine to land? (no rush, I was looking at these files again and got reminded about this)
Yes, I just forgot about this bug.  Will land momentarily.
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Backed out because I was a cowboy and didn't re-run my two month old patch through try:
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