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I'd like to be able to point people at builds and get crash reporter data from it. My original idea was a mozconfig option that could have the crash reporter report crashes to a "user account" on socorro. Ted suggested this might be better to do through try.

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7 years ago
How long do you want the crash processing to be valid? There are a lot of moving pieces that would need to change for this:

* tag the build with some special identifier so that socorro can generate a report for you
* generate .sym files from try builds (I believe we currently upload the .pdb files to a special symbol server, but that we don't generate .sym files and they aren't used by socorro)
* If necessary, make those .sym files last longer than 1-2 weeks, which is how long we keep try builds and symbols currently
* in Socorro make a new query/report on the special build identifier
I think this is probably more on the RelEng side of things, but let's think it through before we go. bsmedberg makes some good points, we'd probably need some light Socorro integration to get maximum usage out of this, but even without that you should be able to get people testing your build to give you crash IDs from about:crashes.

Here's the minimal set of things that would need to happen:
* Set release channel to "try" or something to distinguish it from normal builds
* Have builders push symbols to dm-symbolpush01 like normal builds, but probably to a separate directory, so as not to mingle with normal symbols.

The latter is probably going to require either new try syntax, or something in a mozconfig that the builders can recognize and use.
(In reply to Ted Mielczarek [:ted, :luser] from comment #2)
> * Set release channel to "try" or something to distinguish it from normal
> builds
I was thinking the release channel should be something like try_blassey_mozilla.com, based on the LDAP you pushed with


11 months ago
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