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glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES shows error 501 frequently


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Not set


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Firefox 12
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This is actually from other GL commands and not the one it is reporting. Should fix this up so at least it doesn't show bogus errors.
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Clear existing GL errors before trying to check for a new one

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Fine by me - I wonder if we want to have wrappers for GL commands though (I think gfx does this?) that will read and report errors automatically for debug builds, or something along those lines... But this can be addressed in a future patch.

Optionally, it'd be cool to have comments above the while loops, at least in the Java file, explaining why it's being done - something like "GL errors may have been encountered elsewhere, but we're only interested in those that occur here"
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I think there might be a debug EGLContext in Android that basically wraps everything and checks for errors. Maybe we should just add support for using that and ditch the specific error checking.

In the mean time I'll add the comment and check this in.
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Clear existing GL errors before trying to check for a new one

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