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Numerous bugs have been filed about character encodings in directory listings (ftp, jar, etc.).  It seems many of these have been "fixed" by allowing the user to change View > Character Encoding, change intl.charset.default, or relying on auto-detect.

But in those cases where Mozilla knows the encoding of the directory listing, it should specify it and avoid any problems. Mozilla produces directory listings using a textual http-index-format ( , and then transforms this into HTML. This format includes a
  301: <encoding>
line, see , but it is undocumented and seems unused.

One test and proof of this is to connect to an FTP server and browse a directory full of files with special glyphs in their names. They appear wrong if you leave your intl.charset.default at the default of ISO-8859-1, because all FTP servers are supposed to issue UTF-8 directory listings, but Mozilla's http-index-format representation of the FTP doesn't tell itself to use UTF-8, and it all gets garbled.

You can see garbled characters at (bug 26767).

I captured some http-index-format output, added the 301 charset line, and configured my server to serve this.  Compare
with the added 301 line:

Similarly, compare browsing the contents of the jar file
with the added 301 line:
(The ?x query string on these URLs avoids bug 367076 where http-index-format adds a / and becomes a 404 when you view source, reload, or change character encoding.)

Adding a "301: UTF-8" line fixes accented characters in listings, but Asian glyphs seem to remain problematic.  Maybe this can be part of the solution to bug 26767, bug 502540 and others.


7 years ago
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