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TB: Keyboard Shortcuts broken(?)/wrong/incomplete in documentation: Alt+Cursor down ("Alt+down arrow")


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Current Documentation:

Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts documentation (1) currently has this:

==Writing Messages==
Add Additional Recipient	Alt + down arrow

That's nonsense without explanation:
- down arrow?? What is that? Page-down also has a down arrow! Oh, you mean "cursor down"? I think we are creating more problems than we're solving by using simplified language here (and elsewhere, needs a new bug).
- Caveat1: Alt+Cursor down does NOT work as a general keyboard shortcut from the compose window for adding recipients; iow, from most parts of the UI, it does nothing.
- Caveat2: Alt+Cursor down only ever works for the very specific scenario when you are *inside one of the recipient fields*, but then:
- Caveat3: Even in the header, Alt+Cursor down does NOT *add* any recipients unless you happen to be in the *last* recipient; for any other recipient field, it's just "*Move* to the next recipient".
- Caveat4: Alt+Cursor *up* is not even implemented (it probably should! needs a new bug), so what's the point of memorizing this? (btw, we should be more flexible for moving up between recipients...)
- I doubt that anyone will ever need this, because it's far easier to use ENTER for almost exactly the same purpose (the only difference being that Alt+Cursor Down will preserve per-recipient selection of text, while ENTER or Tab, Tab, will select all of the recipient's text. But then, who really needs to preserve a previous *partial* selection of another recipient?)

Expected Documentation:

- Given that a simple ENTER does the trick nicely (and is probably easy enough to discover so that it doesn't need documentation, at least not on the keyboard shortcuts page), and given all the caveats above, I think we should just *remove this shortcut entry* altogether.

- Otherwise, find a more precise description, and/or include ENTER as an alternative (with adequate description where it applies)

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In lack of opposing views, I have removed this "shortcut" as part of the major cleanup:
Closed: 9 years ago
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